a man armed with a cutter arrested in a church in Maisons-Alfort

A man brandishing a cutter was arrested after making threats in a church, Thursday afternoon in Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne), reports The Parisian. The parishioners of the Sainte-Agnès church who believed they were victims of an attack. Around 2 p.m., the man dressed in a long black hooded coat allegedly threatened a faithful with a cutter. In his forties, he was arrested without causing any injuries.

« He had wires attached to his back and a device that looked like a firing system hidden in a glove, but ultimately nothing confirms the presence of explosives on the spot, reveals a police officer at the Parisian. He had a whole bunch of charms and crucifixes. « The man underwent a rapid expertise then, » in front of the conclusions, it was decided to be placed in a psychiatric hospital « , explains the newspaper.

The church was evacuated and then searched by deminers. This Friday and « during all the offices of the weekend, national and municipal police officers will be posted around » to ensure enhanced protection, assured Mary-France Parrain, the mayor of the city.

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