Accused of sexual assault, Chris Noth loses $ 12 million contract

Everything has collapsed around Chris Noth since the publication of an article last week in the Hollywood Reporter in which two women accused him of sexual assault. In a few days, the star of Sex and the City was let go by her agency, A3 Artists Agency, fired from the CBS series The Equalizer while the Peloton fitness company decided to break its advertising contract with him. But that’s not all since the actor also lost a juicy contract worth 12 million dollars which was just about to be concluded.

It involved the sale of Ambhar, its brand of tequila, to Entertainment Arts Research. “We thought it would be in our best interest to opt out of this transaction. It would have been disastrous for us ”, declared Bernard Rubin, executive of Entertainment Arts Research, while answering the questions of the New York Post.

« It’s a line I haven’t crossed »

After the publication of the accusations, Chris Noth was quick to react, vehemently denying the allegations against him. “The allegations made against me by people I met years, if not decades ago, are categorically false. These stories could date from 30 years or 30 days ago, no always means no, it’s a line that I have not crossed, ”he said in a statement.

In their testimonies, the two women describe acts that could amount to rape. The facts go back to 2004 for one and 2015 for the other.

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