After Squid Game, the new Korean series Netflix goes to the moon

News culture After Squid Game, the new Korean series Netflix goes to the moon

Korean cinema has nothing to prove for a long time, but yet, it is currently experiencing considerable growth: obviously, Netflix has something to do with the phenomenal success of Squid Game. Today we know about the country’s next series coming to Netflix.

South Korea and Netflix, new best friends?

If there is one series we heard about in 2021, this is the first season of Squid Game which, as everyone knows, broke audience records. Comfortably installed in the pantheon of the most watched series in the world, the story of these indebted people trapped in a huge royal battle has been exported everywhere, even in China, however, Netflix is ​​banned.

The SVOD platform has, in this way, particularly propelled South Korea in the spotlight : so that many are the subscribers who are interested in the next productions of the country. Some will therefore be delighted to learn only one na new series has just seen the light of day today, directed by Park Eun-kyo (Never Ending Story, Mother), named after The Silent Sea.

dark science fiction for The Silent Sea

This time, exit the deceptively childish games of Squid Game: The Silent Sea takes place in the near future where technology has made space travel much easier, and in particular on the Moon. But there you have it, a team sent to our good old satellite crashes not far from a gigantic station, all of whose inhabitants are found … dead.

A decidedly dark and heavy atmosphere for this science-fiction thriller, who will punctuate his story with some well-known faces : we can for example quote two actors of Squid Game precisely, namely Gong Yoo and Heo Sung-Tae, as well as Bae Doo-Na (one of the main characters of Sense8).

If the project arouses your curiosity, know that The Silent Sea is available today on Netflix and consists of eight episodes. The trailer can be viewed in our video player at the beginning of the article and clearly announces the color. Future big success for the digital entertainment giant?

After Squid Game, the new Korean series Netflix goes to the moon

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