Anne, Thierry, Charles and the others… Welcome to the Consignys

Dn family reunions, we drink, we talk, we eat, we smoke. Around three o’clock in the morning, the billows of smoke form clusters of white clouds that are difficult to dispel. They are a family of five children: Emmanuèle (1957), Marie-Élisabeth (1959), Thierry (1961), Anne (1963), Pascale (1973). They are the daughters and sons of Pierre and Marie-Claude Consigny. A whimsical and whimsical mother; a runner and angry father. A classic beauty à la Grace Kelly, an embodiment of the great servant of the state. To understand the Consigny family, there are two major keys: the death of a four-year-old child and the importance of the Catholic faith. In the family, they are flamboyant, incandescents. They are Dostoevskians, with a mixture of abysses and beauty.

In a c …

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