Beijing promises a healthier « bubble » than that of Tokyo last summer

A decisively rich idea for the IOC to entrust the Winter Games to Beijing. They are due to take place from February 4 to 20, and organizers promise that they will be the sporting event with the strongest health restrictions since the start of the Covid epidemic. The participants will evolve during their stay in China for the 2022 Olympics in a « closed loop », more watertight than the health bubble put in place for the Tokyo Summer Olympics last summer.

Concretely, the “zero Covid” strategy, which consists of doing everything (quarantines, confinements, screening, reduction of international flights, mobile monitoring applications) to limit new cases, will be applied with the same severity. They will make all the participants evolve in what they call a « closed loop », where they will be isolated from the rest of the population. Sportsmen, officials, delegations, volunteers: thousands of people will be in this health bubble, from their arrival in Beijing until their departure from the Chinese capital.

Perfect observance of the rules or dismissal

No one will be able to leave the “closed loop” for the duration of the Games, including accommodation, meals and travel between the three competition areas, sometimes 180 kilometers apart.

All participants must be fully vaccinated (two doses) or undergo a 21-day quarantine upon arrival in China. Inside the bubble, everyone will be screened for coronavirus daily and must wear a mask under all circumstances. Organizers have made it clear that those who do not play by the rules may be fired from the Games.

Diplomats based in the Chinese capital have said that due to the strict rules for entering the bubble, they fear they will not be able to offer adequate help, if needed, to their nationals inside.

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