Carbon tax scam: what’s behind Marco Mouly’s smile?

The carbon tax scam made him a millionaire and Netflix put it in the spotlight.

Mardoché Mouly, says Marco, has always dreamed of having « diamond teeth ». At 56, he loves everything that glitters. With « The Kings of the Scam », a documentary on Netflix summing up « the heist of the century », a colossal VAT fraud on the « rights to pollute » market, this Harlequin has spread swagger on TV sets and social networks. Behind the jokes looms a dark universe of dangerous bandits. Cunning, boastful, he is part of this world. Around Marco Mouly, death lurks. Samy Souied, Claude Dray, Albert Taieb: three murdered men. In each of the files, his name is watermarked.

Who would imagine this being that started from nothing capable of anything? In the 1960s, the Mouly clan, like many Tunisian Jews, settled in Paris, on the slopes of Belleville. Marco and his seven siblings cram into a two-room apartment with their mother, Monette, canteen, and their father, Dédé. This modest butcher – he was never rich, contrary to what Marco claims – has the reputation of being an executioner of hearts, torn between four women and twenty children. When Dédé leaves the marital home, Monette is broken. Marco drops out of school at the age of 12. He begins to drag his nerve, his patter, from the markets to the plunge in the neighborhood canteens. He’s already messing around. Around 20, he feathered his first pigeons in a fraud with false advertising inserts. “Unintentionally,” he swears. However, his name appears in a theft and six fraud cases. In 1993, he was also sentenced to thirteen months suspended prison sentence. But nothing discourages him. His allies, like his adversaries, recognize his immense talent. Marco could « sell an ice cream to an Eskimo », they say in the middle.

Self-taught, jovial, cheeky, addicted to luxury watches, Marco ceaselessly jokes, annoys as much as he seduces and even fools his friends.

Almost illiterate, cartoon fanatic, Marco is endowed with a pungent street intelligence and a subtle flair. « He also certainly knows how to count, » insists an investigator close to the case. Gouailleur, addicted to silk scarves and luxury watches, this autodidact of crime annoys as much as he seduces. “It is destabilizing, recognizes a magistrate. His self-confidence is impressive. ” His speciality? Recruit straw managers who assume, in a fictitious way, the management of a company on behalf of a third person. He harpoons his clients, trains them with gifts and bluffing; he brings televisions to the bankers to bait them. « He ceaselessly cries out, repeats a relative. Confused, exhausted by his flow, his interlocutors let their guard down.  »

In the early 1990s, Marco Mouly operated in the leather industry. With his brother Johnny, he owned a manufacturing workshop. In the shadows, he invested in the VAT swindle, the « tève » in the jargon: purchase of computer equipment or mobile phones in foreign countries then resale in France, via fraudulent companies, by aspiring to tax in passing. The crooks thus embezzle 8 million euros between 1998 and 1999. Marco Mouly holds his revenge on the misery. Distrustful, he changes his phone chip almost every day. When he is not sleeping behind bars (he was imprisoned for six months in 2004), he blazes his millions – stolen from the tax authorities and therefore from the French, let us remember – in clothes, apartments, palaces on the Côte d ‘ Azur, the poker games …

Almost illiterate, Marco is endowed with a pungent street intelligence and a subtle flair.

One evening in December 2006, at the Deauville casino, Marco met a golden boy from the 16th arrondissement, Arnaud Mimran. Thunderbolt. The guy is rich, gambler, trickster … Their insatiable greed unites them: around gaming tables as in shady affairs, Mimran and Mouly form a shocking tandem. This is when Samy Souied, obsessed with gambling and money, points his nose. In the field, he is a respected crook, experienced in « tève » scams. Marco and Samy have known each other since childhood. They get confused, patch things up. In 2006, Samy accused Marco of stealing 1 million euros! He claims his due, but big arms threaten him with death. « A dirty blow from Mouly », according to a source close to Souied, but the person disputes it. Difficult to verify: this « incident » does not appear anywhere in the archives of the police. Two years later, Marco introduces his friend Arnaud to Samy, who is looking for someone to finance a new business. The trio will mount the heist of the century, the carbon tax scam on the polluting rights market, and embezzle 283 million euros. Souied collected 120 million; Mouly, between 60 and 70; Mimran, 20.

Marco Mouly and Arnaud Mimran are leading the way. Luxury cars, private jets, yachts… The duo are burning millions in Las Vegas. But the dream withers as the debts accumulate. A repentant of organized crime, Jérémy Grinholz, right-hand man of Samy Souied, declares in hearing that Arnaud Mimran felt aggrieved in the distribution of earnings. Bad loser, he would then have imagined, still with Marco, a diabolical plan to extract money from Souied. In the summer of 2010, they made him dangle a gold investment. Samy « invests » 60 million euros. Weeks go by, nothing comes. And Souied, exiled in Israel, ends up claiming his dividends. In vain. On the evening of September 14, 2010, he was shot dead by a commando of helmeted motorcyclists in front of the Palais des Congrès in Paris. Marco Mouly is 2 kilometers from the scene of the crime, in the 17th arrondissement, playing belote. Arnaud Mimran, present at the scene of the crime, is heard as a simple witness … Eleven years later, in 2021, he will be accused of « organized murder ». Two other indictments incriminate Mimran: « complicity in assassination » in the Claude Dray file, his father-in-law, and « murder in an organized gang » in that of Albert Taieb, right-hand man of Cyril Mouly, the condemned cousin of Marco he also for fraud.

Investigators seized 47 luxury bags, 8 watches and 17 furs from his home. His apartment in the 16th arrondissement is estimated at 3.5 million euros

Marco Mouly was not worried about the murders, but he was sentenced to eight years in prison and a € 1 million fine, in July 2016, in the carbon fraud case. The death of Samy Souied would have plunged Marco, swears the latter, « in a deep depression ». He who claims to have « supported the Souied brothers during the funeral, spent the first month of mourning by their side in Israel », he would feel guilty for having presented Samy to the other « daddy’s son » … The remorse is brief. A few weeks after the disappearance of his friend, Marco Mouly feasts with Arnaud Mimran at Paradise, a trendy nightclub in Marrakech. In front of a hilarious Mimran, Mouly spills kilos of dirhams on his head!

Today, Katy Souied, Samy’s older sister, is alive. « Marco is a liar, » she blurted out. On the night of Samy’s murder, Marco and Arnaud offered their condolences to his widow, Samantha. They were jogging, laughing. In Israel, during the funeral, Mouly saw my mother for only five minutes. He stayed a few days, did not support anyone! ” Érik Souied is hardly more tender: “My brother had no confidence in Marco, whom he did not appreciate. In 2016, while on the run, Marco came to visit me in Tel Aviv to confess that Mimran had ordered the murder, and that Samy had simply stolen from him. How can you believe he didn’t know about his plan? Mimran was his best friend, Marco knew everything. »For eleven years, Érik and Katy Souied have had the firm conviction that Marco Mouly was involved in the death of their brother. Gray areas remain, but an investigator recalls that « there is no evidence to prove this hypothesis ». Erik is aware of this. “But seeing Marco strutting around with Gad Elmaleh, Jamel Debbouze or Cyril Hanouna is unbearable to us, he breathes. It is indecent. It took me a decade for the indictment of Mimran, I will wait as long as it takes for justice to be done. « 

Dominique Ghez: “Around him, people are dying. His arrogance is unbearable. The tongues will loosen « 

The documentary « The kings of the scam » has revived old pains. “Marco, this is the Kaa snake in“ The Jungle Book ”; the power of money has burned his brain, ”denounces Dominique Ghez, known as“ Dodo ”, deep voice and steel blue eyes. The two men have known each other for twenty-six years; Dodo has been blamed in money laundering cases. Above all, he is a miracle, rare survivor of an assassination attempt. On December 18, 2016, nine bullets shredded his body. The belly eaten away by shock, anger and painkillers, he tells his version: “In 2016, I put a real estate entrepreneur in touch with Mouly, in return for a commission on their business. The business has turned sour between the two. A few months later, they tried to kill me. Then I was thrown in jail when I am innocent… For me, these two files are linked. « 

Dominique and his wife Isabelle suspect Marco Mouly… “We know that the sponsor is called Marco, that he is close. But Mouly disappeared from our entourage after this episode. Strange, isn’t it? Around him, people are dying. He’s a devil! His arrogance is unbearable, the tongues will loosen. Why not that of Mimran, who languishes alone in jail? He probably has things to say. « 

Marco Mouly denies being an assassin. To hear him, this so-called boss of « four listed companies » did not know he was a millionaire. Investigators, however, seized 47 luxury bags, 8 watches and 17 furs from his home, and his apartment in the 16th arrondissement is estimated at 3.5 million euros. However, Marco Mouly assures us that he no longer has a kopeck; he must repay part of the 283 million euros stolen. According to investigators’ information, he hid millions in gardens, laundered as many in gems and real estate in Israel; his beachfront apartments in Tel Aviv are said to be registered under other names, including that of his ex-wife. What he formally disputes: « I still have my intelligence and my know-how. »

« A preliminary investigation for laundering tax fraud should see the light of day with the financial prosecutor, » warns an investigator. In early November, the investigating judges responsible for the cases of the three murders traveled to Israel to question witnesses. “The noose tightens, the masks fall,” repeats Érik Souied. Marco Mouly looks good, but he’s scared. He sleeps badly, he has bodyguards, he has the features of an undead. « 

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