Confined to Christmas? We have concocted a pure TV night for you

Tested positive for the Omicron variant just before Christmas? You find yourself like 90,000 other French people, according to the contamination figures published on Thursday by Public Health France, to spend December 24 and 25 confined, with family (nuclear) or alone.

Look at the positive side, you will be spared the traditional disputes over vaccines against Covid-19, the future presidential election, mistreatment of ducks or global warming … Better, 20 Minutes has concocted for you a replay platter made of Christmas series and films. You will not regret being screwed in front of your screen (or not).

The complete « The Office » will put a smile on your face

With more than 200 episodes, the complete The Office, on Netflix, should be enough for you to have a smooth Christmas, New Year and 10 Days of Isolation. The sitcom in the form of a mock documentary, created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and worn by the formidable Steve Carell, is among the funniest in television history.

Welcome to the wacky world of Michael Scott, manager of the Scranton, PA branch of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. A burlesque character (not to say grotesque), he spends most of his time trying to be loved by his employees, with offensive and sexist jokes. Nine seasons more enjoyable than the next in which we take pleasure in seeing Jim Halpert torture Dwight Schrute, a character as irritating as he is hilarious, to observe the birth of the relationship between Jim and Pam, the receptionist, and to see Mindy’s first steps Kaling, in the guise of the very superficial Kelly Kapoor, in the comedy.

More than fifteen years later, The Office is an already very “woke” series, surfing racist and misogynist clichés with superb dexterity. The best Christmas present you can give yourself in this gloomy time.

Three films to remind you that a family meal is a nightmare

It sometimes takes a slight electric shock to savor the little pleasures of everyday life. And believe us, a cuddly New Year’s Eve can be part of it. Because yes, the year has been difficult. Yes, catching the Covid a few days before the holidays is a good big loss. But have you considered what you have probably escaped? The best is yet to see it for yourself. First possibility: despite Omicron, you planned to reunite with your entire family, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your aunts, your cousins, and the flock of children who accompany them. The goal ? Fill up on foods that are more fatty than each other, laugh out loud and forget all the miseries in the world for an evening. We can only advise you Firm by Thomas Vinterberg. Available on Amazon Prime, this great classic will open your eyes to big siblings and long tables.

Another possibility: this year, you decided to spend the holidays with your family, but in small groups. As a health precaution, but also because half of your aunts and uncles get on your nerves. You are already having a hard time supporting your little brother, so you might as well limit the damage. But your efforts would not have been enough to stifle all the family unspoken words that usually emerge in the middle of dinner, and A Christmas story by Arnaud Desplechin, available on MyCanal, is here to remind you.

Final scenario: you were to meet your in-laws for the first time this weekend. Your suitcase was ready, your train tickets too. Despite a touch of apprehension, you were happy to hug (but with a mask) your mother-in-law and your father-in-law. It was also an opportunity to discover their beautiful region with atypical and unusual customs it seems, to celebrate this time of year. Instead, take a look at Midsummer Ari Aster (on MyCanal). Perhaps you will look at your positive Covid self-test differently.

« Christmas Flow », the Christmas comedy « made in France »

What would the end of year celebrations be without the legendary Christmas film? The American tradition was exported to France with the miniseries in three episodes Christmas Flow, co-created by Henri Debeurme (Noah), Victor Rodenbach (Ten percent) and Marianne Levy (The Curse of the Comfort Zone). Accessible on Netflix, the series features the unlikely meeting between the very feminist Lila (Shirine Boutella) and Marcus (Tayc), a rapper who was pinned for ultra-misogynistic lyrics. They have everything to displease. She is committed to the cause of women through a blog called Les Simone, co-founded with her two accomplices Jeanne and Alice. He surfs on provocation. But the magic of Christmas is stronger than their differences. In the footsteps of American rom-coms, Christmas Flow manages to avoid the pitfall of the gnangnan while offering a light and sparkling romance. The series will go very well with a glass of champagne.

A most entertaining TV program (yes, yes)

Don’t have Netflix? Or MyCanal? Amazon Prime maybe? Disney +? Good. Rest assured, you are (almost) not a lost cause. Why not turn to that good old TV that sits in your living room? We see you coming: no, there are not ONLY moderately funny bloopers for Christmas Eve. The proof, on France 2, Laurence Boccolini opens the doors of her chalet to you and reserves you a Great Christmas party during which personalities will compete on quizzes or blind tests. It will not replace your family, of course, but you may benefit from it in the change (no risk of taking the lead on the question of the vaccination pass). Another option: Jean-Luc Reichman on TF1. The host offers you his traditional Twelve strokes of noon Christmas special with two teams there too, including stars and iconic players from the program. Xavier will be there, Paul too, as will Soprano, McFly and Carlito… We really don’t see how the evening could turn out badly.

You don’t like jokes, games or laughs? No problem, it happens. Then direction France 5 to follow A kitten’s life. The pitch? The title is rather transparent because we invite you to follow the first steps on earth of different baby cats for a year. Kittens are a sure bet, time flies by their side.

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