Emmanuel Macron expresses his « gratitude » to the armies on the occasion of the holidays

In a video message, President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the armies on Friday evening.

President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the armies on Friday evening, expressing in a video message his « gratitude » to the French soldiers engaged in France and around the world. « I would like to reiterate to you my deep gratitude for the spirit which animates you in the missions that you accomplish. (…) Be proud, proud of what you do as I am proud of you. Your families can be proud too, of you, as France is, and rightly so « , declares the Head of State in this sequence broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and via the intranet of the military.

Three French soldiers were killed in action in the Sahel this year

Emmanuel Macron had canceled, due to the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic, the trip to the troops he had made in the previous years of his mandate at Christmas time. He had planned to visit Gao, Mali this year. « I would like to speak directly to you on Christmas Eve, to tell you that my thoughts are with you while, often far from your families and your friends, you continue to ensure in France, as everywhere in the world, the defense of our country, of its interests, of its values ​​ », declares the president, who begins his message with a thought addressed to the French soldiers killed in 2021 and to their families.

Three French soldiers have been killed in action in the Sahel this year, bringing the number of them killed in this region since 2013 to 52. A fourth soldier died accidentally in October at the Timbuktu base.

« I think of their families, » said Emmanuel Macron, « because the absence tonight is even heavier, more painful. I would like to pay them once again a solemn tribute. This tribute is that of the whole Nation, that of a large country, determined, which engages militarily when necessary, without never underestimating the cost of this engagement « .

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