Followed by Santa Claus, reading to the children… Jill and Joe Biden’s festive New Year’s Eve

Joe and Jill Biden took advantage of December 24 to meet sick children at a Washington hospital to whom they read and updated on their new dog. They also took part in the traditional follow-up to the Santa Claus tour.

Jill and Joe Biden had a busy December 24th. The US presidential couple met with sick children at a Washington hospital. If the First Ladies make this visit every year by tradition, it is however very rare that their husbands accompany them. But it is with a big smile visible even under the mask that Joe Biden participated in this outing. During this event, Jill Biden read to the children gathered in a specially decorated room. The couple also showed photos of their new dog, Commander, 3 months old. Still very young, this German Shepherd seems a bit teasing. Jill Biden joked, confident he ate her slipper earlier in the morning, « USA Today » reports.

After this hospital visit, the Biden continued on to the Dupont Circle neighborhood to find a Christmas tree dedicated to Jill Biden and other educators. The First Lady is indeed a professor of higher education and has chosen to continue to practice despite her role as First Lady. The two placed an official White House ornament on the tree that has become a symbol of the place. Last year he honored President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Two years earlier, Nancy Pelosi had been honored there. Joe and Jill Biden’s day ended with another tradition particularly anticipated and loved by children, the tracking of the Santa Claus sleigh, organized by the Norad, the Military Command in charge of air safety of the United States and Canada. .

This tradition was born in 1955. That year, an advertisement from the Sears department store chain called on Santa Claus. Problem, a typo had slipped into this ad and the number referred to the Norad red line. On December 24, the officer on duty came across a little boy who asked him if he was really Santa Claus. Not wanting to disappoint the child, Colonel Harry Shoup agreed to play the game and asked his team to provide the boy with information on the whereabouts of Santa Claus. He even notified a local radio station to announce that he saw a strange object in the sky. Having become an institution, the American presidents willingly lend themselves to the game every year, taking calls from children or parents from the White House.

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