For Christmas, Biden praises Americans’ « immense courage » in the face of the pandemic

For his first Christmas at the White House, Joe Biden praised Saturday, December 25 « immense courage« Americans faced with the pandemic in particular, and called on them to seek »the lightAnd unity in hardship. « This year we have seen the immense courage, strength, resilience and determination of all of you who care for, comfort, teach, protect and serve the country in large or small ways.« , Writes the American president in a message also signed by his wife Jill Biden, on the occasion of the Christian holiday.

«You demonstrate, again and again, that our differences are precious and our similarities endless», Declares the Democrat, at the head of a country deeply divided on a multitude of subjects. « We pray for the gospel promise of finding light in darkness, which is perhaps the most American endeavor there is.“, We read again in this message from Joe Biden, fervent Catholic.

A particularly sour political climate

The presidential couple, faced with an America weary of the pandemic and frustrated by a surge in inflation, have placed particular emphasis this year on year-end traditions, whether it’s pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving or to cover the White House with decorations. But Joe Biden was nonetheless caught up on Friday by the particularly sour political climate in the United States.

During a playful telephone exchange with a family about Santa Claus, an interlocutor told him « Let’s go Brandon« , A code phrase popular with supporters of former President Donald Trump, which actually means »Fuck Joe Biden» («Biden, f …»).


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