« Friends »: and Ross had to choose between Rachel and Bonnie …

Six friends, two couples and tons of laughs. For ten years, New Yorkers from Friends brought together a whole generation of thirty-something who found themselves in the joyful tribulations of these heroes who resembled them so much. If Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) have widened our circle of friends, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross (David Schwimmer) have from the first season satiated our thirst for romance with peppery rose water. Their agitated loves made it possible to weave a red thread imbued with tenderness over ten seasons, feeding many cliffhangers, to find its outcome in the final episode.

End of season 3. The writers, intoxicated by audiences at the top, decide to surf in the sun of the audiences, on this thwarted love and send the six dear friends in a small house by the beach, far from the tumults and memories painful from the Big Apple. As Phoebe searches for her real mother, and Joey, Chandler and Monica blast laughter around the house on the sand, the waves wash away less stubborn grudges and Rachel feels ready to forgive her ex. And the complicity of coming back… at the same time as Bonnie, Ross’s new girlfriend who joins the gang for the weekend!

Rachel stamps her feet and, in love as in war, manages to convince her rival to shave her head to please her darling. But this pitiful strategy is not enough to ring the hour of the rupture… And in a scene rich in emotions, the pretty buyer from Bloomingdale’s has no other means than to reveal her feelings to a disconcerted Ross who sees herself. , after careful consideration, forced to choose. Bonnie or Rachel? In the final scene of the episode, he is seen hesitating between the doors of their rooms. He ends up rushing into one of them. Who has his heart chosen?

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The public will have to wait a whole summer to know the answer to this question worthy of the best soaps. It must be said that for three seasons now, the adventures of Friends are based in large part on this couple who have fun to excessively twist the craziest theories on romantic friendships. The year is 1997. Season 2 of the series broke viewing records in the United States. The episode that aired on Super Bowl night was even watched by over 50 million viewers! But if the latter ended without a real cliffhanger, with season 3, the flagship sitcom of the 1990s has taken on a more feudal rhythm. And the bickering amorous Rachel and Ross have largely trusted the center of the plots of these 25 episodes. Because the writers did not spare our two lovebirds.

Let’s sum up: Ross has been in love with Rachel, his little sister’s best friend, Monica, since high school. For the frivolous Rachel, the feelings will have taken longer to work their way to her heart. But when these two finally decide to go out together after many misadventures, the excessive jealousy of the paleontologist pushes them to take a break. The famous break during which a very unhappy and too alcoholic Ross commits the irreparable by spending the night with Chloe, the « girl from the photocopier » … An unforgivable fault for Rachel, even if « we were taking a break », the only « excuse » , repeated many times by her transfixed lover.

The episode of their breakup, The One with the Morning After, is also considered the best of the season by fans. To strengthen the famous suspense likely to bring back the public the following season, the writers therefore bet without surprise on this romance and play with the secret wish of each one: « As long as Rachel and Ross get back together … »

The love trap

Tss tss tss… Bad idea! American TV is full of series to which happy loves have brought bad luck. No offense to sentimental crowds, thwarted love remains the salt of the American series, and sending secret lovers to yelp under the quilts has long had the disastrous effect of sounding the death knell for the series in question. Across the Atlantic, this phenomenon even has a name: it is called Moonlighting syndrome (Moonlighting curse) with reference to the detective series Moonlight bringing together in the 1980s, Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. The rapprochement of Maddy and David, lThe two heroes, at the end of the third season, would have been right about the audiences of the series which will be canceled two years later by the ABC channel. The sitcom Madame is served, once Angela Bower in the arms of her dear handyman Tony, has also seen her audiences switch. And the regrets are gathered in a shovel at the bottom of the ranking of audiences, no question for Friends to fall into the trap …

We thus discover in the first episode of season 4 that Ross chose Bonnie’s room (disappointment!) To better break with her (oh joy!). A relative joy, since at the end of this same episode, Rachel and Ross choose not to get back together. A judicious little roller coaster ride that seems to drive our two heroes away for good… until further notice. The opportunity therefore to leave for a ride!

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Moreover, at the end of season 4, the writers will replay the same ritornello to us. At the wedding of Ross and the very British Emily, the groom will mix the brushes when exchanging the vows, pronouncing the first name of Rachel, who will begin to hope, like the public, for a happy outcome to this abused love. Alas … it will be necessary to wait for the last episode of the series, at the end of season 10, so that Ross and Rachel, however already parents of an adorable little girl since season 7, finally see the doors of happiness open. marriage, fulfilling the expectations of fans of the sitcom.

However, the writers will have managed in the meantime to partially defuse the frustrations of viewers, by pushing Monica and Chandler in each other’s arms, thus finding a way to form another couple among friends. This will offer a new turn to the series by giving it a tasty dose of pepper. The affair of these two new lovers, as awkward as they are touching, begins in secret, causing a number of hilarious gags, like this mythical sequence, in which Phoebe discovers the rose garden by surprising them in a very intimate moment. However, on a sentimental level, Monica and Chandler will never steal the show from the games of hide-and-seek in love with Rachel and Ross, who have never entered the Pantheon of mythical couples in the series.

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