In Sudan, Internet and phones cut before a call to protest against the military

Opponents of the junta in Sudan continue to challenge the coup plotters. They called for a new demonstration Saturday, December 25 in Khartoum, where the security forces crisscross the capital and block the bridges connecting it to its suburbs.

Mobile Internet is no longer accessible. Activists who organize themselves regularly online or broadcast live images of their parades, will be deprived of access to social networks, a technique already used for nearly a month by General Abdel Fattah Al-Bourhane, head of the authorities transition, since his coup d’etat on 25 October.

On the eve of this new mobilization placed under the slogans « No negotiations » with the army and « The soldiers in the barracks! » « , The governorate of Khartoum warned: all the bridges on the Nile were closed Friday evening and the security forces « Deal with those who break the law and create chaos ».

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48 protesters killed

In his press release, he warns that « Approaching or attacking buildings of strategic sovereignty is punishable by law », while at each demonstration the first clashes, during which the police fired tear gas and live ammunition, took place in front of the Parliament, the presidential palace or the HQ of the army.

Since October 25, 48 demonstrators have been killed in the repression of a popular movement which obtained from the army in 2019 the dismissal of the dictator Omar Al-Bashir and now intends to put an end to the military in power.

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Apparently, after his putsch denounced by the whole world or almost, General Bourhane reinstated the civilian prime minister, Abdallah Hamdok, but Sudan still has no government, condition sine qua non the resumption of international aid, vital for this country, one of the poorest in the world.

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