Isère: positive for Covid, a young woman gives birth in an emergency and spends two months in intensive care

Jessica, 27, was close to death. Severely affected by Covid-19, the young woman was forced to give birth urgently on August 4 in Lyon. She was only able to see her baby at the beginning of October.

It’s a story that could have ended very badly, but whose epilogue is almost a miracle, reported The Parisian this Saturday, December 25, Christmas day. Jessica, a young woman of 27, almost lost her life just after giving her on August 4 at the CHU de la Croix Rousse, in Lyon.

It all starts on the night of July 28. Jessica, pregnant and due to give birth within a fortnight, feels bad. Aches in her back and a slight headache woke her from her sleep. Signs perceived as a bad omen. Alexandre, her husband, is also awaiting the results of his Covid test. The verdict ends up falling: both are positive. As the days go by, the expectant mother feels more and more unwell, she lacks air.

« Wait, don’t cut, I’m still awake! »

With her consent, the caregivers transport her to La Croix Rousse hospital where she is admitted to the intensive care unit for a cesarean delivery. Jessica finally arrives at the OR : “There, I felt that I was putting betadine on my stomach, I said: wait, don’t cut, I’m still awake!  » Then the black hole.

The next day, the young mother opens her eyes, in intensive care and on respiratory assistance. Her baby is not here. « Since I didn’t see him, I had a hard time telling myself that it was my baby. For me it was a baby», She explains, in tears. The reunion is planned within a week. But on August 13, her health did not improve and she was plunged into a coma. Jessica finally wakes up on September 21, 38 days later. This time it is, she is saved. Alexandre arrives at his bedside, in tears: « Thank you, thank you, you’re aliveHe celebrates, showering her with news. « The room is painted green as you wanted for Thibault [leur bébé]. My return went well.Jessica frowns, she doesn’t know she fell asleep for so long.

Later, it is the caregivers who come to give her news of the world, of her baby, and especially of herself. She is explained that she was initially supposed to undergo a lung transplant before they regain their breath, almost miraculously, as the story goes. The Parisian. «Why me ? I was angry with the whole world», Confides the young woman.

At the beginning, as soon as Thibault chouinait, I returned it to my mother-in-law, I could not identify his crying

Jessica, at the Parisien

But in her misfortune, Jessica was also very lucky. She is alive, her son too. Thibault, 2 and a half months, appears for the first time in the arms of his sister-in-law, well combed and smiling. First contact between a mother and her child. « It’s horrible but I was only thinking of Theo [son deuxième fils], she cuts. I feel very guilty, he didn’t deserve this».

Finally, after two and a half months of resuscitation and no less than four intubations, Jessica was admitted to pulmonology. Death is behind her. And in early November, she finds the strength to carry her younger brother for the first time. « There I felt his mother. He was smiling at me like he knew who I was« . And to continue: « At the beginning, as soon as Thibault chouinait, I returned it to my mother-in-law, I could not identify his crying« . Then, little by little, over time, the mother and her child gradually tamed, connected.

From her time in intensive care, Jessica has this unusually deep voice, due to intubation, a few nightmares and dizziness that she fights, in rehabilitation, every day.


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