Midwives are called by unions to « a black week » for the holidays

The National Trade Union Organization of Midwives (ONSSF), one of the two main trade union organizations in the profession, supported by the CGT and the CFTC, calls on midwives to « A dark week » from Friday, December 24 and until December 31, in particular to claim « Sufficient medical staff » and « A truly incentive revaluation ».

“Midwives have the balls! « , explains the ONSSF in a press release recalling its main demands: « Sufficient medical staff », « Modification of the status of hospital midwives », « A collegial reflection on the different methods of exercising the profession of midwifery » and « A truly incentive revaluation ».

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« Insufficient » government responses

The CGT filed a strike notice to cover the movement and calls in particular for « To put [la] remuneration [des sages-femmes] in terms of their training and their responsibilities « , as well as « Staff under long-term status necessary for quality and safe care for women ». Among the demands of the CFTC, which has done the same, are « The end of precarious contracts » Where « The same status as other professions with medical responsibilities » to the hospital.

The three majority organizations in the hospital public service – CFDT, FO and UNSA – signed a memorandum of understanding with the government in November, notably providing for salary increases in early 2022 and a sixth year of training for future students in maieutics.

But for the ONSSF, these government responses « Are insufficient ». The National Union of Midwives, another trade union organization in the profession, for its part decided to  » to suspend «  his movement during the negotiations, even if « Everything is not settled, far from it ».

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