Netflix: the best movies to release in 2021

News culture Netflix: the best movies to release in 2021

While many people claim that 2021 was a poor year for interesting feature films, others prefer to doubt this assertion. For good reason, platforms like Netflix bring arguments – or rather films in this specific case – which weigh heavily in the balance. The editorial staff of JV is fueling the debate by offering you a selection of the best films released in 2021 on Netflix.


  • Army of the Dead
  • Don’t look Up
  • Kingdom : Ashin of the North
  • The Mitchell’s against the machines
  • Our words like bubbles
  • The Harder They Fall
  • Violet Evergarden: the movie

Army of the Dead

Unlike Kingdom (see below), Army of the Dead adopts a much lighter tone. Directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Man of Steel, Justice League), this film tells the story of a band of mercenaries who will have to perform the most difficult task of their lives: steal a jackpot of several million dollars in a Las Vegas in quarantine following an undead invasion. On the menu, explosions, blood, bold humor and Dave Bautista (Dune, Guardians of the Galaxy) as the main actor. Perfect for the Christmas holidays!

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Don’t look Up

Let’s continue this selection in style with a comedy for the less atypical carried by personalities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial features two astronomers convinced that the end of the world is imminent. The problem is that they are anything but taken seriously by the public. Never mind, they are going to embark on a media tour to try to convince humanity of the approaching threat. If the pitch may seem relatively dark, it is in truth a humorous film that has won over Netflix audiences.

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Kingdom : Ashin of the North

Kingdom : Ashin of the North is a film which serves as a prequel to the Kingdom series released in 2019. The story takes place during the Joseon period, and follows the adventures of a prince who will try to push back a terrible epidemic that threatens his kingdom. The latter gradually transforms the population into bloodthirsty creatures, and he will have to do everything to contain this evil. To come back to the feature film, it sets its frame before all these adventures. To be more precise, it will go back to the origins of this monstrous plague.

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The Mitchell’s against the machines

We now find the animated film The Mitchell’s against the machines. There is no place for realism here, but weirdness does. The initial premise, however, does not seem out of the ordinary: a family like the others goes on a road trip one last time before seeing their young daughter leave for the school of her dreams. Only then, everything degenerates when electronic devices around the world come to life and decide to impose their domination. War is then declared. It’s a crazy storyline, sure, but the success is there, and the film was warmly received by the audience.

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Our words like bubbles

Let’s stay a little longer in the field of animated films. Our interested party, Our words like bubbles, is a tale mixing drama and romance over the course of a touching story. It all begins in a sunny summer, a boy speaking only through Haikus meets a young girl. This one has energy to spare, but hides a much more complex background. Our two companions will then spend the entire season together and experience magical adventures.

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The Harder They Fall

Let’s go back in time and go together for the Wild West to linger from now on on The Harder They Fall. This western, directed by Jeynes Samuel, tells the story of a true legend of that time: the African-American slave turned cowboy, Nat Love. Our man will once again take up arms with his former gang following the release of his sworn enemy, Rufus Buck … the man who murdered his parents. A panting hunt will therefore begin until the inevitable explosion of violence.

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Violet Evergarden: the movie

Violet Evergarden was originally a successful Japanese light novel series. So, thanks to his fame, an animated series adaptation was born in 2018. However, the conclusion of the story did not come in the form of an episode, but a movie. The expectations of the fans were therefore at their peak and as much to say that the result did not disappoint. For the record, know that this was not the first feature film Violet Evergarden, but the second. Its oldest was released a year earlier and is considered a special issue.

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