New record of contaminations in France, more than 94,000 cases in 24 hours before Christmas Eve

3:38 p.m .: Top WTF measures concerning the health pass in Europe

The health pass, whatever its form, is now widely used around the world. But each country has its small specificities concerning its application, in particular on the places where it is required. Our top 3 wtf requirements across Europe:

– In the Czech Republic, the pass is compulsory to access the « pig slaughter parties », limited to 1000 people, a Christmas tradition during which the butcher comes to people’s homes (where there are therefore rarely 1000 people at the same time). ).

– In Lithuania, pass compulsory to refuel. The rule even clarifies the previous situation, even more ubiquitous, which allowed the sans-pass to spend a maximum of fifteen minutes in the gas station.

– In England, you need a pass to access nightclubs and pubs with « dance space » … but only from 1 am! Before, anyone can bitch about the midnight demons.

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