NieR: the end of the series announced… for real?

Game news NieR: the end of the series announced… for real?

NieR is a particularly beloved and adored franchise, and for many reasons: only there you go, all good things come to an end. Or at least, it’s Yoko Taro who likes to say it.

Last lap for NieR… before the next one

Yoko Taro and his famous mask

Yoko Taro is not just anyone in the video game landscape and has always stood out for its weird but strangely fascinating games, far from the usual codes of video games and sailing from idea to idea : when he was with Cavia, the man laid for example the Drakengard, finally leading to the first NieR eleven ago now. In addition to having given birth to the excellent Automata sequel or the brand new darned original Voice of Cards card game, his Emile mask, constantly worn in public, definitely sets him apart from other industry players.

It is therefore true to himself that the director wanted to wish a happy New Year’s Eve to his entire community, along with Yosuke Saito and the talented composer Keiichi Okabe, in a video shared on social networks … Except that he also took the opportunity to declare the end of his beloved franchise. “You’ve heard it here before everyone else: the NieR saga is now over!”

Not really enough to have a good New Year’s Eve for all the fans: fortunately, the atmosphere is quickly relaxed since Yoko Taro declared that “That could be a lie”, followed by the possibility of continuing the series if given a large amount of money. It did not take more to smell irony, especially when we see the general good humor shared by the three acolytes during the few minutes of filming.

No time to deny

So we don’t really have to worry about it despite the Japanese’s statement or even NieR’s official tweet – and that’s a hell of a good thing, we’re reassured. It must be said that the franchise is based on a gigantic potential that we could already glimpse from the first episode, very imperfect but supporting each other with considerable charm and offering a perfectly atypical experience. If you want to revamp your culture or just refresh your memory, know that its frankly attentive port, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, was released this summer.

Then, the test will finally materialize years later with NieR Automata, developed by Platinum Games in direct collaboration with Yoko Taro. This action game released in 2017 is, for many, quite simply one of the best titles of the generation, departing somewhat from the original formula but establishing a greatly sensational adventure. With us, for example, he collected the well-deserved score of 19/20. It has also sold over 5.5 million copies.

Finally, we can also mention NieR Reincarnation, a mobile game first published in Japan and taking the form of a very successful gacha : it is also a success since at the last news, the application recorded no less than fifteen million downloads last September (for a release in July only). In short, as much to say that it would be a shame to complete NieR for good.

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