Noël’s promo: Joy-Con’s paire in promo!

Good news Noël’s promo: Joy-Con’s paire in promo!

Amazon has launched a great promotion on Nintendo Switch controllers! With a 22% reduction, these are available for less than € 70. A more than correct price for controllers that will give you unique sensations with the latest Nintendo console!

Amazon has decided to mark the occasion this December 25 by offering great promotions, especially on Nintendo Switch accessories. And there, it is the Joy-Con which are concerned. With a reduction of -22%, they are offered for less than € 70, a particularly competitive price.

Nintendo, for the past few years, has decided not to enter the race for power, throwing this at its direct competitors, PlayStation and Xbox. However, this nonetheless makes the Japanese firm a serious competitor in the field of video games.

Indeed, Nintendo consoles have always managed to stand out to offer innovative gameplays and above all new sensations that cannot be found elsewhere in the world of video games.

And, as part of its new console, the Nintendo Switch, we can say that the controllers play an essential role. Indeed, in addition to the detachable and independent aspect of the two controllers supplied with each Nintendo Switch, the latter are very fine in their way of managing vibrations.

It’s a bit of the icing on the cake for these controllers which are able to stand out in racing games as well as in party-games. Indeed, thanks to the functionality of detaching the Joy-Con from the Switch, you can, with only one console, play for two on titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Likewise, it is possible to tilt the levers like a steering wheel, your vehicle will react just as effectively. Thus, the Nintendo Switch offers you an immersive gaming experience and above all, transposable to its various games.

A great price for a passport for Party-Games on Switch

But where it is particularly interesting to get Joy-Con, it is within the framework of the Party-Game. These multi-player games often require that we have several controllers depending on the number of players present. And having additional controllers on hand means avoiding having to give up playing or even going without the controllers (not very COVID-compliant).

This is why it is interesting to turn to the latter. Plus, if you’ve just received the console, it’s a great additional accessory to purchase. Because, when you use a pair, the second can reload on the console!

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