Omicron variant: a Breton SME increases its production of self-tests

Faced with strong demand, the NG Biotech company announced that it had significantly increased its production. It will deliver two million tests to pharmacies between December 10 and 31.

Faced with the spread of the Omicron variant, and a demand for tests which « explodes », a Breton SME announced on Friday that it had increased its production capacity for screening tests, which will allow it to deliver two million kits to pharmacies between the 10th and the 31st of December.

Noting that « the demand for self-tests is exploding », the NG Biotech company, based in Guipry-Messac (Ille-et-Vilaine) south of Rennes indicates that it has increased its production « in order to best meet » the needs of population. “Between December 10 and 31, approximately 2 million tests will be delivered to pharmacies,” said in a press release, the company which emphasizes having consequently revised its internal workforce “upwards”.

Capacity of 25 million tests per month

Founded in 2012, NG Biotech, which has developed and manufactures test strips at its two production sites in Brittany, presents itself as the only French company capable of producing several hundred million tests entirely in France in a few months.

The company claims in particular to have a « maximum progressive production capacity of up to 25 million tests per month and more if necessary ». NG Biotech employs 160 people against 30 employees at the time of the first wave of Covid-19 in March 2020. During the pandemic the company built a second site in Guipry-Messac.

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