PS5: The creators of God of War on a new game, written by a famous fantasy author?

Game news PS5: The creators of God of War on a new game, written by a famous fantasy author?

Here is what has something to intrigue! Brandon Sanderson, famous American writer, affirms to have worked on a game which will be unveiled this year: according to some, it will be in preparation at Santa Monica… or many other studios.

Successful writer and author of several books such as The Elantris, Fils-des-brumes or Warbeaker, Brandon Sanderson has made fantasy his favorite genre and is today one of the most popular literary actors in the world. running. Necessarily, when the American officially declares that he has worked for several years on the creation of a new video game, this fiercely piques our curiosity… especially since it would be unveiled in 2022.

Excluded PS5 or Xbox?

Obviously, it did not take more for the hypotheses to flourish. After much debate, research and theories, the dedicated topic on Reddit puts forward two hypotheses : the first is that the game would be a sci-fi PlayStation exclusive and developed by Santa Monica, the studio behind the saga God of War. Cory Barlog would be involved in the project: as a reminder, it is the director of God of War of 2018 who, for the next episode Ragnarök, precisely gave up his place of director to Eric Williams. This suggests that he would work de facto on a new project, potentially a new franchise since we know that Kratos’ next adventure will be the last in Norse mythology …

The other guessis that this enigmatic title would be entrusted to InXile Entertainment, the firm to which we owe the Wasteland, on behalf of Microsoft. The game would take the form of a title in the steampunk universe, exclusively planned for the Xbox Series and directed by Brian Fargo (notably the founder of Interplay, the publisher of the first Fallout and Baldur’s Gate).

Two rooms, two atmospheres. And it was without counting on Brandon Sanderson’s recent statement…

A project that is desired

Brandon Sanderson

It’s on his website that the writer indulged in a few confidences. First of all, he claims that this secret video game is not an adaptation of one of its franchises, but a new IP custom built with this famous partner. And above all, he declares that it is “From a video game company that many of you know” (Note that it is aimed at its original audience, the literary community, thus suggesting that the company would be known to the general public). Nevertheless, this one “Would probably not be the one we think about right now, nor the other either”. This contradicts somewhat the previous theories, unless it is a bluff.

For the record, it would also seem that Sanderson was approached some time ago by Square-Enix, with a view to making, again, a new video game. However, the negotiations would not have been successful: many believe that it was actually Forspoken, new franchise precisely located in a fantasy universe.

We imagine that we should see more clearly in the course of next year or at least, we hope so.

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