Radioactive anti-5G gadgets banned for sale in the Netherlands

The Dutch authorities have withdrawn from the market low-level radioactive accessories exploiting the fear of 5G waves.

The fear market is not without its dangers. In the Netherlands, the agency in charge of nuclear safety and radiation protection (ANVS) has just banned the sale of objects supposed to block 5G waves. Sold in the form of bracelets, pendants or even sleep masks, they are found to contain low-level radioactive materials, potentially dangerous for health. « Ionizing radiation can damage tissue and DNA, » said the ANVS in a press release. The level emitted by the products tested is low but, in the case of prolonged and continuous use, it may exceed the authorized limit for skin exposure to radiation.  » However, the makers of these gadgets recommend to wear them at all times in case the sneaky 5G waves take advantage of a moment of relaxation to accomplish their packages … Most of these products are often deceptively presented as emitting « ions ». negative, beneficial to health ”.

In reality, they contain very diverse materials such as volcanic ash, titanium, tourmaline, zeolite, germanium, monazite or even uranium. Among the ten charms withdrawn from the market, there is an Energy Armor pendant, a quantum necklace and a Magnetix Wellness bracelet for children.

Despite the initiative of the Dutch agency, this market remains very little regulated and a few clicks are enough to get these objects on sales platforms.

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