Reese Witherspoon shares the holiday spirit with a family photo

Reese Witherspoon posted on Instagram several photos of her three children, gathered to celebrate the Christmas awakening.

Reese Witherspoon celebrated Christmas with her family. The actress shared her joy at being reunited with her three children for New Years Eve, posting on Instagram several photos of their evening. “I am where I wanted to be. With my family. Close to the fire. Laughing. Let’s take advantage of each of us, ”she captioned these images in which we discover Ava, 22, surrounded by her brothers Deacon, 18, and Tennessee, 9.

The Oscar-winning actress regularly posts photos of her offspring, the proud mother of her three children, the two eldest born from her relationship with actor Ryan Phillippe and the youngest fruit of her marriage to Jim Toth. The star recently confided in « InStyle » magazine about her role as a mother. She explained that her first priority was her children. “If I told you how many minutes I spend thinking about them each day, I’m not even sure they themselves realize it,” she said.

She also said she did not know if her children will ever follow in her footsteps in Hollywood. “I didn’t grow up being famous. Ava is having an experience that I haven’t had, and so have my sons. But we’re fortunate to have friends who grew up in Hollywood who can help give them advice on how to handle things. Ava is so down to earth. She wants to do great things in the world. She studies, learns and tries different things and to find out what her path really is ”.

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