« Reuniting France »: Anne Hidalgo is preparing to unveil her campaign poster before the presidential election

If his campaign poster was not to be printed until next week, the Sunday Journal (JDD) finally unveiled a first preview, this Saturday.

Gaze into the distance, big smile and outstretched hands to his neighbors. Here is the posture that the Socialist Party (PS) candidate Anne Hidalgo decided to take, on her campaign poster. Unveiled by the Journal du dimanche (JDD), the poster will be printed in 100,000 copies and will appear on 2 million leaflets, from next Saturday.

A call for union

The photo is not chosen by chance, explains the JDD. This was taken during the very first meeting of the mayor of Paris, on December 12, in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales).

« Its gradient of colors historically associated with the political spectrum of the left symbolizes and calls for union, while the typography refers to militant and demanding posters, carrying strong messages », explains the team of the mayor of Paris .

What about the logo? « Hidalgo! 2022 » is also the happiness of the campaign team of the Socialist. According to the latter, quoted by the JDD, it reveals « a positive dynamic, an incentive to movement, to action, a call to mobilization and to rally ».

As for the slogan, « Reunite France », it is unlikely to win the unanimity of the other left-wing candidates in the presidential election. Neither Jean-Luc Mélenchon nor Yannick Jadot responded to Anne Hidalgo’s call to participate in the popular primary.

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