Sarthe: this supermarket also sells … train tickets

EOn line, at the tobacconist or at the station, there are different ways to buy a train ticket to travel on the SNCF network. But some small stations, which have neither a ticket office nor an automatic machine, do not allow you to take your ticket on the spot. So, in Beaumont-sur-Sarthe, SNCF TER Pays de Loire had an idea: to allow its users to buy and print their train tickets directly at the supermarket. To do this, the regional rail company has signed a first partnership with the town’s Super U supermarket, reports BFM Business.

The Super U staff have been trained in the use of the device which therefore allows, by means of a mobile application and a printer, to book a train ticket, to pay for it and, of course, to pay for it. print in place. “A welcome proximity offer”, welcomed by Anne Beauchef, regional advisor, who spoke to West France.

« Inequalities of treatment »

The Pays de la Loire region also offers other means of purchase for SNCF users who do not have access to physical counters or machines. A mobile fleet of vehicles fitted out in points of sale regularly crisscrosses 17 municipalities in the region, also with a concern for equal treatment.

As BFM Business reminds us, the Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon, recently underlined that the absence of counters, or of machines in the small stations, put the populations in front of “inequalities of treatment”. SNCF TER Pays de Loire has decided to implement this new solution also to overcome these difficulties.

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