Surfer killed in California after possible great white shark attack

A surfer died Friday in California in what appears to be a great white shark attack.

A surfer who was on the central California coast has died after a possible great white shark attack, ABC News reports. The facts happened Friday at the beach in Morro Bay State Park. Police said the unconscious man was pulled out of the water and « suffered from an apparent shark injury. » A woman surfing nearby said she saw a boogie board and a person face down in the water. The woman tried to bring the victim back to the edge of the beach, before help arrived very quickly to help her.

But the man was unfortunately pronounced dead on the spot. Police said there did not appear to be any witnesses to the attack. To find out exactly what happened, the forensic pathologist will therefore have to precisely measure the size of the wound on the body, but the first elements seem to corroborate the possibility of a great white shark bite. In order to avoid any further drama, the authorities have decided to leave the beach and its surroundings open but to prohibit swimming for the next 24 hours.

ABC News recalls that shark attacks are very rare in the country. Last year, 33 people were attacked, three lost their lives, according to figures from the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. ABC says half of these attacks took place in Florida, with the rest in California, Hawaii and Maine. According to the same University of Florida, in 2020, 57 shark bites were counted across the world, less than in 2019 which had 64. In 2020, however, ten people were killed in these shark attacks, that is to say the deadliest year since 2013.

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