This Sonic figure is sublime, especially at this price

Good news This Sonic figure is sublime, especially at this price

It’s Sonic’s 30th birthday! For this very special anniversary, a new official figurine of the blue hedgehog points the tip of his nose. This statue is quite impressive in terms of precision, especially for such an affordable price!

The Sonic VS Dr. Eggman figure is at a reduced price on Amazon!

This polyvinyl chloride figurine (a premium material in the figurine’s small world) is 23 centimeters high. This is an official SEGA product, which has licensed to reputable sculptors at Numskull. The collaboration hits the mark: Sonic and his lifelong nemesis Eggman look like they’ve been frozen in the middle of a fight. By squinting your eyes, you’d think you saw them move.

This edition was produced for the 30 years of the fastest hedgehog in the world. It is therefore a collector’s product likely to increase in value over time. Launched at € 74.99, an excellent price considering the size, quality and precision of Numskull’s work. Right now, Amazon is dropping the price to just € 65.20.

This special official 30-year-old Sonic statue is stunning

Decorative element on your toy library or pure collector’s item, this statue will enhance your toy library. Even if you are not an expert, we can bet that you and your guests will notice very quickly that you are dealing with a high quality product.

No trace of glue, no mold marks, solid elements, paint affixed with care. When touched or looked at, the official 30th birthday Sonic figure exudes premium. From afar, it imposes. Up close, it amazes with its very surprising level of detail for characters with a design as simple as the heroes of the classic SEGA (gloves, shoes, eyes, ships, the slightest roughness has been captured by numskull).

The scene depicted does not seem to correspond to any specific game, although it is reminiscent of the iconic 2D episodes of Sonic on SEGA Megadrive. The blue hedgehog is in the middle of a boss fight, running to dodge the attacks of the evil Dr. Eggman, in a very classic setting of paradise islands out of the imagination of the Sonic Team.

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