Three members of the BTS group positive for covid-19

Three members of the BTS group have been infected with covid-19 in recent days, their agency said in a statement.

Sad end of the year for the BTS group. While the seven members announced in early December that they would take a vacation period so they could reunite with family over the holidays – a first since their debut in 2012 – three of them unfortunately contracted covid-19. The first press release was released on Friday by the artists’ agency. He indicated that SUGA, who remained in the United States for several days after the series of four triumphant concerts given in Los Angeles, tested positive on his return to South Korea, as he was preparing to start his tenure. mandatory quarantine days. “SUGA was confirmed positive Friday, December 24, after a PCR test done immediately upon his arrival from South Korea on December 23. SUGA, who had a series of personal commitments in the United States during his free time, had tested negative before leaving the country and then began his quarantine, where he received his positive test ”. BIGHIT Music’s statement added on Friday that at the moment, he had no symptoms.

But with bad news never coming alone, on Saturday a new statement was released announcing that two other members were also positive for covid-19, group leader RM and Jin. RM, like SUGA, had stayed a little longer in the United States after the start of his vacation, notably traveling the country and sharing his many visits to the museum with his fans on his Instagram account. When he returned to South Korea on December 17, he was tested before the start of his mandatory quarantine, but was negative at the time. It was after leaving his ten-day isolation this Saturday that he tested positive this time. « He has no particular symptoms at the moment, » it is written.

Jin, on the other hand, appears to be suffering from moderate symptoms and a « mild fever. » The latter returned directly to South Korea after his concerts on December 6 and tested negative at the beginning and at the end of his quarantine, several days ago. It was after he began to feel flu-like symptoms that he decided to get tested and tested positive, also this Saturday. « He is treating himself at home, » the statement said.

All vaccinated

BIGHIT music clarified that none of the members had been in contact since their return to South Korea. It was also clarified that all were vaccinated and received their second dose at the end of August. They had also promoted vaccination during their visit to the UN General Assembly last September in New York, where they spoke as special envoys of the South Korean president. Asked in an interview on ABC, in the presence of President Moon, Jin had declared: “We understand people who are afraid of the vaccine, because it is not something (the covid-19, note), which existed before. But I believe that if we are afraid of the past, we will never be able to progress ”.

The cases of covid-19 are experiencing a new peak in the world, in particular because of the Omicron variant, which is particularly contagious – even if the first studies seem to show that it would be less dangerous – and which has pushed many countries to resume strong measures in order to stem the crisis, from re-containment to the closure of many places, including the injection of third doses from three months. In France, on Friday, the number of contaminations broke a sad record, rising to 94,000 new cases. In South Korea 5,836 new cases were recorded on Friday. The country, which is one of those to have best managed the pandemic, has 5,176 deaths since the start of covid-19 in 2020. In its two press releases, the BIGHIT Music agency recalls that its « highest priority is to ensure the good health and safety of (its) artists ”.

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