United States: Biden insulted at half-word during Christmas phone call

A man called « Let’s go Brandon » to the US President during a Christmas phone call. This slogan is used by supporters of Donald Trump to insult Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden was hushed up on a phone call in the Christmas celebrations, when a father used a code phrase popular with supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The President and his wife Jill have followed the tradition of chatting with a few people calling a hotline for follow the Santa Claus tour, managed since 1955 by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

« Let’s go Brandon »

By video conference from the White House, they were put in touch with a man who said his name was « Jared », a father of four. After chatting briefly with the kids about the gifts they ordered and getting them to go to bed before midnight, Joe Biden spoke with the father, noting that they both had a son named Hunter.

Ending the conversation, the US President wished « a wonderful Christmas » to his interlocutor, who replied « I also wish you to have a wonderful Christmas, merry Christmas » before ending his words by « Let’s go Brandon ». « ‘Let’s go Brandon’, I agree, » replied Joe Biden, with no further reaction to that coded phrase that actually means « Fuck Joe Biden » (« Biden, go fuck you … »).

While it was not immediately possible to determine whether the president had grasped the reference, Jill Biden on the other hand had an embarrassed laugh and mimicry with her eyes. The video excerpt from this exchange has gone viral on social networks, with some internet users hailing the president for remaining unmoved.

An insulting slogan

It all started with the mistake of an NBC reporter interviewing in early October racing driver Brandon Brown after his victory on a NASCAR circuit. Raising her voice to cover the rumor rising from the stands, she says, « And you can hear the crowd chanting: Come on Brandon! ». In fact, you can hear the crowd chanting « Fuck Joe Biden! » Quite clearly.

The expression « Let’s Go Brandon » quickly became a slogan for insulting Joe Biden without uttering the « F word », a foul word banned. In addition to regular supporters of Donald Trump, top Republican politicians have even echoed this formula.

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