Why spending Christmas among Covid patients is not recommended

Un million and a half is the number of tests for Covid-19, carried out Thursday, December 23, the eve of Christmas Eve. The French have taken their precautions to spend the holidays with the family, without putting the most fragile of their relatives at risk. But many of them had to give it up because of a positive test. To not be alone at Christmas, some people have opted for a New Year’s Eve between positive cases. But « this is a very bad idea, » warned the Dr Gérald Kierzek, emergency doctor and medical director of Doctissimo, in an interview with Parisian.

“Being between people who have Covid will increase the concentration of virus in the same room,” explained Gérald Kierzek, who has also been a consultant on LCI since the start of the epidemic. « The viral load in the atmosphere will be greater and there is a risk of recontamination », he added.

Avoid co-infection

If the sick guests also have different strains of the virus – one the Delta variant and the other the Omicron variant, for example – the danger of developing a « co-infection », and therefore a more serious form, is all the more important.

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In addition, even between patients, it is necessary to continue to respect barrier gestures: keep a mask, ventilate often and wash your hands regularly.

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