15 events on Earth in 2021 as seen from space

At the end of the year, Planet and the editorial staff of Futura offer you a retrospective in pictures of 15 outstanding news from the Earth, seen from space.

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[EN VIDÉO] Earth seen at night: black marble
The Suomi NPP weather satellite had already given us very beautiful daytime images of our planet. The night version was presented on December 5 by Nasa, an image called black marble, the black ball. © NASA

As every year, a retrospective of some significant events, seen from space by the satellites of the Plant constellation. Unlike the year 2020, mainly marked by periods of severe confinement of populations on all the continents of the planet, the year 2021 was especially marked by natural disasters some of which would say that they were of rare intensity on the scale of a few generations.

Earth in 2020: 13 events seen from space

Article by Remy Decourt published on 12/28/2020

At the end of the year, the editorial staff of Futura offers you a retrospective in pictures of 13 major news from the Earth, seen from space.

The year 2020 has not been lacking in events of interest, whether it is the first containment of the Covid-19 which brought the whole world to a halt, nuclear developments in Iran, demonstrations of movement Politics Black Lives Matter, from black tide in Mauritius or closer to us from the storm Alex who ravaged several villages in the Alpes-Maritimes. The end of the year also saw its share of more or less dramatic news with the destruction of the radiotélescope d’Arecibo and the journey of a gigantic iceberg.

Planet, specializes in satellite imagery and leader inEarth observation, photographed with his fleet of 150 small satellites these milestone events that shaped this historic and difficult year. At the heart of its mission, to make satellite imagery visible, accessible and usable; Planet provides its data to the media, NGOs and first responders to promote the transparency and give the world a better overview of world events as they unfold.

13 highlights of the tens of thousands that happened throughout the year

À Wuhan, epicenter of the’epidemic of the Covid-19 which has spread all around the planet, very strict containment measures have made it possible to virtually eradicate the virus. As these two satellite images show, traffic decreased sharply during the confinement period.

The district of one of Wuhan’s train stations.

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