Ariana Grande disappears from Twitter without explanation

Singer Ariana Grande deactivated her Twitter account a few days ago without giving a reason. Some speak of the hatred of which she would have been the victim lately.

Singer Ariana Grande is one of the most followed figures on social media. But on Friday, she apparently chose to say goodbye to one of her accounts. Without giving an explanation, the star deactivated her Twitter profile, but remains active on Instagram, where she has more than 284 million subscribers. If she did not communicate on this decision to withdraw from the network, some fans evoke the harassment and the insults of which she was recently the target. « Ariana deactivating her account is not surprising, people, including many of her own fans, have said the meanest things about her, without paying the consequences, and her sanity must be her. » priority, I hope she is well ”, we can read.

The controversy behind this hatred is believed to have been caused by a photo of the singer, in which she appeared with makeup and styling compared to some say of Asian cultural appropriation. She is accused of using this image for promotional purposes. She has not publicly responded to these attacks. However, she deleted the famous photo from her Instagram account. In the past, it was black American culture that she had been accused of appropriating to reach a new audience.

But these controversies do not prevent the young recently married woman from shining. She recently announced that she would star alongside Cynthia Erivo in the adaptation of the Broadway musical, « Wicked », a rewrite of the novel « The Wizard of Oz ». She has also just released her line of cosmetics and continues her commitment to mental health.

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