Boris Johnson without a mask at the police station, this may be a detail for you …


Boris Johnson is all crumpled up, but by what? Installed in a police station in Uxbridge, a town in north-west London, does he think of the security problems raised by the police officers who surround him, the economic difficulties linked to Brexit or rather the serial political scandals caused by his regular sprains to health rules? Judging by the lack of a mask on his face, it seems unlikely that it is the coronavirus and its pangs that are really bothering him.

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Golden helmet

The source of our own troubles is obviously easier to identify. How not to wonder about the meaning of this hair and this color? Besides, is the latter really natural? A few weeks ago, doubts arose when said mane had taken on a curious green tint under fluorescent lighting. Hairdressers know that this kind of phenomenon can appear with chemical colors. This is also why they are picky with the lighting of their living room.

Thé tanique

On the table, placed in front of the Prime Minister, rests a modest mug. A few inches in front of an Uxbridge policewoman, another equally modest mug. The ideal opportunity to recall a striking figure, the result of studies regularly carried out in the United Kingdom. Thus, it is accepted that we drink, every day in the country, nearly 100 million cups of tea. That is to say a fifth of the daily world consumption. Which does a lot for a country of 67 million inhabitants.

Large chessboard

Around the neck of Boris Johnson’s neighbor is what the Anglo-Saxons call a day cravat, or a derivative, more feminine, of the tie. This is covered with a checkerboard pattern that is not trivial. Baptized sillitoe tartan, this was introduced in 1932 on Scottish police uniforms for rapid identification of officers. It was quickly recovered by officers across the United Kingdom and then set off to conquer the world, carried by agents in Australia, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Brunei and the United States.

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Safety clip

Note, since we are there, that the day cravat of the agent in question is not tied. It’s a model clip-on, simply clipped. The same goes for the black tie of the policeman in the background. A stylistic heresy? Yes, but she can explain herself. For security reasons, and in order to deter strangulation attempts, all ties worn by police officers around the world and for several decades have been clip-on. Not stupid.

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