Covid-19 in nightclubs: a long-awaited study « rather reassuring »

Un all over the world, the doors of nightclubs have once again been closed to cope with the rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, in particular caused by the highly contagious variant Omicron. However, according to a study carried out last October, including The world was able to take note, the first results « would be rather reassuring ».

The ITOC (Indoor Clubbing Transmission of Covid-19) study was carried out on October 17 at La Machine du Moulin-Rouge, in Paris, as part of the evening Come back at night by the ANRS-Emerging infectious diseases. Two groups – one going to the party, the other not – submitted a sample of their saliva on October 17 and then seven days later, in order to be compared. All participants had a full vaccination schedule and some had even tested positive for Covid-19 before the evening – although the results were known later.

The health context has changed since this study

According to the first lessons of this so-called interventional study, no cluster or element of over-contamination of the participants was revealed. However, the participants did not wear a mask, did not have to respect any physical distance and no gauge had been put in place. The space was nevertheless well ventilated.

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« We can absolutely not conclude that the results would be the same with a higher incidence rate », however qualified Jérémy Zeggagh, doctor in the infectious diseases department of the Saint-Louis hospital, to our colleagues. Indeed, the context of October is not at all the same as the one we know at the end of 2021, with the emergence of the Omicron variant. This study, which is one of the few carried out since the start of the health crisis due to the closure of nightclubs, should however be scrutinized by the executive.

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