Curfews, re-entry, isolation of contact cases … the executive’s avenues to curb the Omicron variant

The Omicron variant is installed mainly in France and the executive meets this Monday on the occasion of a new Health Defense Council. Here are the new measures that could be adopted.

With a very significant epidemic rebound in France, Emmanuel Macron announced that he would hold a new Health Defense Council on Monday. Announcements more than expected by the French as New Year’s Eve approaches. Back to school, curfew, isolation of contact cases … here are the executive’s avenues to curb the Omicron variant

• The back-to-school period postponed?

This is the proposal of several members of the opposition, including Valérie Pécresse, who asks that the start of the school year be postponed in schools. If the subject is likely to be discussed, it is very unlikely that the school holidays will be extended, state government sources.

• A possibility of a curfew on December 31

This is the main question of the French. Can we celebrate New Year’s Eve this year? The subject is on the program of this new Health Defense Council, this Monday.

Several options are available to the government. The first, a curfew, like last year. Second option, the closure of bars and restaurants outside.

This idea had already been mentioned during the last Defense Council, but had not been adopted by the Head of State. But this option could be reviewed with the increase in contamination figures. Saturday, Public Health France announced 100,000 new contaminations in 24 hours, an absolute record since the start of the health crisis.

As a reminder, the fireworks will be canceled and the sale of food and alcohol will be prohibited on public roads, Olivier Véran announced last week.

• A new version of the Health Pass

It could be called the « Super-pass ». This new health pass would be introduced in several places that are vectors of contamination. Its implementation would require the presentation of a recent negative test even for vaccinated people.

• Shortened isolation of contact cases

With the spread of the Omicron variant, many French people are currently in isolation. A new measure could allow the reduction of the duration of it for people with contact cases, in order to avoid paralysis of the country. It is now 17 days recommended for the Omicron variant.

• The health pass imposed in business

If the Health Pass had been excluded from discussions with regard to companies, the subject could come back to the table. Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne received the unions on December 20.

At the end of this meeting, the minister assured that nothing had yet been done.

« We approached the hypothesis of a health pass in business. What emerges from the discussions is that the employers’ organizations are reserved and are wondering about the practical methods of implementation, » said the latter.

Lina Fourneau with Anne Saurat-Dubois

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