Desmond Tutu: his fight « will remain in our memories », greets Macron

Lhe « fight » of Desmond Tutu « for the end of apartheid and South African reconciliation will remain in our memories », greeted, Sunday, the French President Emmanuel Macron, after the announcement of the death of the icon of the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Mgr Desmond Tutu « devoted his life to human rights and the equality of peoples, » recalls the Head of State in a tweet, adding his voice to the international concert of tributes to the former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town.

Other tributes to Desmond Tutu have multiplied across the world. President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed « his deep sadness at the death » of this « unequaled patriot ». His death « is a new chapter of mourning in our nation’s farewell to a generation of exceptional South Africans who left us a liberated South Africa. » Cyril Ramaphosa salutes « a man of extraordinary intelligence, integrity and invincible against the forces of apartheid », who « was also tender and vulnerable in his compassion for those who had suffered […] under apartheid, and for the oppressed and oppressors around the world ”.

« A life full of meaning »

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter « deeply saddened to learn of the death of Archbishop Desmond Tutu ». “He was an essential figure in the struggle against apartheid and in the struggle for the creation of a new South Africa. We will remember him for his spiritual leadership and his irrepressible good humor, ”he added.

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Anglican spiritual leader and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said, “In the eyes of Desmond Tutu, we saw the love of Jesus. In his voice we heard the compassion of Jesus. In his laughter, we heard the joy of Jesus. It was beautiful and courageous. His greatest love is now realized as he meets his Lord face to face. « The Dalai Lama, him, greeted a » great man, who lived a life full of direction « , » entirely devoted to the service of his brothers and sisters « . “The friendship and the spiritual bond between us was something we cherished,” he said of his old friend.

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