eBay, Rakuten … Hundreds of thousands of Christmas gifts for sale on specialized sites

Rakuten had already registered 600,000 additional announcements on its platform on Saturday, December 25, at 3 p.m. On the eBay resale site, more than three million listings are expected by January 3.

Barely unpacked and already sold. Once again this year, hundreds of thousands of Christmas gifts have not found favor in the eyes of their recipients… who have wasted no time in trying to get rid of them.

According to figures from the Rakuten site revealed by LCI, 600,000 ads had already been placed on Saturday at 3 p.m. on this resale platform, or 15% more than in 2020. And this, without counting other reference sites such as Leboncoin or eBay .

eBay, which recorded 300,000 new ads on Saturday, December 25, reports RTL. In total, the platform expects to receive « between 1 and 1.5 million ads between 25 and 28 December and more than three million between 25 December and 3 January », explains on Webrema Nathalie Blitz Vuéya, eBay legal director.

4 out of 10 French people have already sold a gift

Among the most sold products on these specialized sites are the Lego Harry Potter and Star Wars, Skyjo or Codenames board games, video games Fifa 2022, but also books like After from Stephen King or the comic Asterix and the Griffin.

This phenomenon testifies to a dynamic that began several years ago: « The second-hand market is increasing and today, one in two French people have offered a second-hand gift », notes Nathalie Blitz Vuéya. Indeed, a Kantar study for eBay published at the end of November revealed that 53% of those polled planned to give a second-hand gift for Christmas, and this figure even rose to 64% among young people aged 16 to 24.

Another study, conducted by Rakuten this time, indicated that more than 4 in 10 French people (41%) had already resold a gift that did not suit them. Among them, a third (32%) said they did not need it, 23% said they already had it and 16% that the gift was not for them.

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