Emmanuel Macron salutes the memory of Desmond Tutu and his fight

Emmanuel Macron paid tribute on Sunday to Desmond Tutu, whose death was year in the morning.

The « fight » of Desmond Tutu « for the end of apartheid and South African reconciliation will remain in our memories », greeted Sunday the French President Emmanuel Macron, after the announcement of the death of the icon of the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Bishop Tutu « devoted his life to human rights and the equality of peoples, » recalls the Head of State in a tweet, adding his voice to the international concert of tributes to the former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town.

Christiane Taubira, a potential leftist presidential candidate, recalled for her part having met Desmond Tutu when she was minister. “Her laughter echoes, because I also knew the sound of her anger and saw her tears up close,” she tweeted: “Student, I worshiped Desmond Tutu. Member of Parliament, I was able to say thank you for so much courage. Minister, I greeted him officially. The last time to say goodbye to Mandela. What a life! « 

President LREM of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, sent his « touching and respectful thoughts for an activist for peace and fraternity, a fighter against segregation and racism, a generous and demanding humanist ». « May he rest in peace », tweeted for her part the PS presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo, expressing her « immense respect and recognition for this tireless fighter for rights and equality ». In a message, the former socialist minister Jack Lang pays homage to « a man of courage, convictions and kindness », and evokes the bonds of friendship between Desmond Tutu and the former president François Mitterrand (1981-1995).

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