Event: follow the launch of the Webb space telescope with us

One of the most anticipated moments in the history of astronomy is just days away. The largest space telescope ever designed will launch on an Ariane 5 from the center of Kourou in French Guiana. This exceptional event will be live on Futura.

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The James Webb Space Telescope, a new flagship in space observation, will be launched on December 18 from Kourou, Guyana. After a 29-day journey, it will reach Lagrange point L2, in the opposite direction to the Sun. With its mirror larger than that of Hubble, of which it is considered the successor, the JWST will be able to observe galaxies, planets, nebulae and stars to learn more about the history of the Universe.

Saturday, December 25, 1:20 p.m. metro time, this is the expected time for the ignition of the Vulcain engine and the high-powered powder acceleration stages of theAriane 5 who will transport the télescope spatial James-Webb through theatmosphere. It is the largest space telescope ever designed. This technological feat will be thrown out of theorbit terrestrial to revolve around the Sun in order to observe theuniverse in L’infrared, ideal wavelength for observing cold objects in the universe such as exoplanets, and for seeing even further to the far reaches of the observable universe.

To cover this event history, Futura and Cosmonium put one more gift under your fir. An exceptional program will be to be followed live this Saturday, December 25 from 12:30 p.m. Nathan Le Guennic, speaker from the Cosmonium community will present all the challenges of the mission, the details of the telescope and the rocket, and will answer all your questions!

The show is available below:

The show will also be available on the pages Facebook of Futura and Futura in stars, as well as on the chain Twitch from Futura. Can’t be there? Don’t panic, the replay will be available on Facebook and on the channels Youtube of Futura and Cosmonium! Remember to stay connected, thunderstorms are announced in Guyana and a postponement of the launch is always possible at the last minute. In this case, you will be kept up to date with all the necessary information!

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