From Colo to the stop for at least two months

Victim of a broken left hand against ASVEL last Thursday in the Euroleague, Fenerbahçe player Nando De Colo has since been operated on and will be absent for at least two months.

A hard blow confirmed for the 2017 European champions. the Fenerbahçe will have to learn to do without Nando De Colo for a few weeks. Hit in the left hand last Thursday following a shock a priori with one of Paul Lacombe’s knees, the French leader or rear suffered a fracture of the second metacarpal bone. The Northerner then had to come out quickly, from the second quarter, during the defeat of his team in the Euroleague on the floor of ASVEL (84-82). A few days later, the Turkish club announced that his player had been successfully operated on Saturday in Istanbul and that he would be absent « between eight weeks and ten weeks » and that a new point on his situation would be made later, according to the press release published by the Stambouliotes this Sunday. While some have raised the possibility that the number 19 will be absent between three and four months, his injury therefore seems less serious than that for the moment.

Le Fener will have to review his plans

However, De Colo will miss a good part of the return phase of the European Cup and will inevitably miss the training of Serbian Aleksandar Djordjevic, currently 10th in the group stage and which points to two victories for Anadolu Efes, 8th and last qualified for the final stage. As a reminder, this season, the French so far turned 12.1 points and 4 assists on average in about 23 minutes per game in the Euroleague. Already absent from the gathering of the France team in November, the silver medalist at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo should therefore also be at the end of February (24-27), during qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. his side, Jan Vesely, the strong winger of Fenerbahçe who was also injured on the 17th day of the Euroleague, should miss at least « six weeks » of competition.

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