Gaps quickly narrowed in 2022?

As Formula 1 will enter a new era in 2022, discipline boss Stefano Domenicali is convinced that if teams initially gain the advantage through better exploitation of the regulations, the gaps will quickly be reduced.

Who will have been able to best exploit the new technical situation? This is the question on everyone’s lips when a new technical regulation comes into force. And Formula 1, more than any other discipline in motorsport, is the one in which it arises most strongly. No one has forgotten the coup de force of Ross Brawn who, thanks to a simple idea hardly copied by his competitors, dominated a good part of the 2009 season after having bought the team abandoned by Honda. But, with the revolution that Formula 1 will experience in 2022, with single-seater concept largely revised and corrected but also the return of ground effect banned since the 1980s, the situation could be different. Indeed, in an interview with the British magazine Motorsport, the boss of the discipline Stefano Domenicali assured that the first leaders should be overtaken by the competition.

Domenicali: « The goal is to have duels between several pilots »

“In the context of a season starting with new regulations and a capped budget, the deviations could be larger than what is expected, admits the former boss of Scuderia Ferrari. But I am sure that if such differences exist, the limitations of the new regulations will close the gap more quickly. But, beyond the performance of the single-seaters, Stefano Domenicali believes that the level of the drivers will be a bigger differentiating factor.  » The cars of 2022 were designed to showcase the talent of the drivers, admits the Italian leader. These are machines that must be operated without being subjected to the effect of disturbances damaging the tires. The goal is to have duels between several drivers and that they are not limited by the car. “Statements which, without proof on the track, remain wishful thinking. The first answers will arrive fairly quickly, with the first turns of the wheel of this new generation scheduled for the end of February in Barcelona.

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