Gas: Moscow criticizes deliveries from Germany to Poland

Russia is accused by several European countries of voluntarily limiting its deliveries.

The Russian giant Gazprom judged little « rational»The resale of gas by Germany to Poland, in full soaring prices, rejecting the accusations according to which Moscow voluntarily limits its deliveries to Europe. « We observe a reversal of gas flow from Germany to Poland and apparently also to Ukraine, of the order of 3 to 5 million cubic meters per dayGazprom spokesman Sergei Kuprianov said in a video broadcast on Saturday evening.

«This gas comes from underground reservoirs in Germany, reservoirs of which the gas has already been used at 47%. And winter is just beginning … it’s not the most rational decision», He continued. According to him, the prices of these deliveries are « significantly higher than the volumes delivered by Gazprom».

On Wednesday, Poland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union accused Moscow of halting deliveries via the Yamal-Europe pipeline between Russia, Poland and Germany, accusing Gazprom of « manipulation« . Russian President Vladimir Putin retorted on Thursday that Gazprom was not carrying out new exports via this pipeline, due to the lack of new European orders.

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Accusations « unfounded » according to Moscow

Western Europe has been confronted for several months with a maddening rise in gas prices due to several factors: a very cold winter 2020-2021, the post-pandemic economic recovery or even a reduced supply of renewable energies. The price of gas in Europe broke a new record on Tuesday, with the arrival of winter temperatures. Added to this are geopolitical tensions between the EU and Moscow, which provides a third of European deliveries.

Westerners suspect Russia of limiting its deliveries in order to put pressure on Europeans and obtain success in several cases, in particular the launch of the new Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. « The accusations against Russia and Gazprom that we supply little gas to the European market are absolutely baselessSergei Kuprianov reacted on Saturday. « This year, Gazprom delivered 50.2 billion cubic meters to Germany, 5.3 billion more than last year. Gazprom has already delivered more gas than last year to the following countries: Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Denmark, Finland and Poland« , He enumerated.

Russia is also accused of not sending additional gas to Europe via Ukraine, due to high tensions between Moscow and Kiev, accusations also rejected by Moscow.


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