Griset, El Haïry, Saint-Martin, Guérini, Fesneau – These strangers who made the five-year term

Pfor five years, they have been at the forefront of an intense five-year term, some will say « for nothing ». Ministers, marching candidates or party leaders, these personalities in the shadow of a Jupiterian president have sometimes survived, sometimes succumbed to the throes of power. Despite their functions, their more or less high-sounding titles, they remained strangers to the general public, supporting roles in the theater of French politics. At the service of one.

In this pre-electoral winter and four months before the election, Point invites you to go behind the scenes to meet some of these personalities who have worked for the smooth running of the five-year term. Often in relative anonymity, sometimes in ingratitude, rarely without talent … Alain Griset, ephemeral minister overtaken by justice, Sarah El Haïry, enthusiastic Secretary of State in charge of disillusioned youth, Laurent Saint-Martin and Marc Fesneau, both sacrificed on the altar of the regional or Stanislas Guérini, eternal prisoner of En Marche !.

But make no mistake, all hope, in the light of the next presidential election, to see their hopes of ascension come true during a second term. From the shadow to the light.

List of episodes:
Monday 12/27: Stanislas Guérini
Tuesday 28/12: Marc Fesneau
Wednesday 29/12: Laurent Saint-Martin
Thursday 12/30: Alain Griset
Friday 12/31: Sarah El Haïry

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