In pictures: Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, the makings of a queen

Miss Paris and Miss Île-de-France, Diane Leyre could have become a model, but the status of fashion icon she preferred that of ambassador of the French.

She’s a talkative girl who also knows how to keep it short. Especially when the cause is dear to him. If it is necessary to defend the election which has just crowned it, Diane Leyre does without great speeches: « Miss France is the meeting which makes smile the French. » However, we have to admit it: about the competition, there are faces more tense than others. But for the show, which brings together more than 7 million viewers, there is no question of sulking its pleasures; we prefer to combine them.

Theme of the evening: musicals. Did you say obsolete, divisive or outdated? From the first heady choruses, Saturday night fever seizes the Zénith de Caen. It is enough to hear the audience growl to the sound of « Alexandria, Alexandra » during the « disco » table, to let the ardor speak. On stage, we are not afraid of medleys or mirror balls. Please note, the show is also in the stands. Everyone has spread the word to put on their best. “Evening dress required” is written on the ticket. So we took out the light clothes and tucked in the shirts. A parade of black tuxedos, multicolored bow ties and satin suits, competition for tiaras and gala dresses, wedding dresses and sequined tops. In the room, fans and regional committees compete for joy at the applause. Some have traveled thousands of kilometers to support their competitor; so no question of remaining seated, even if, Covid obliges, we are not allowed to dance. In the midst of families, the youngest keep their eyes and thumbs riveted on their screens, to constantly refresh the Instagram profiles of the candidates. We want to see if the fever is contagious. In the moments following her election, Diane Leyre gained a thousand subscribers per second.

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« For young people who compare themselves and who are complex, I want to offer truth and authenticity »

We have to believe that the institution still attracts the support of all audiences. The day after her victory, while commentators spoke on Twitter of an anachronistic contest, the lucky winner created a crowd on the dunes of Cabourg. We asked him to explain to us the mystery Miss France, this craze that has crossed generations for more than a century. “Grandparents imagine that the winner is their granddaughter. Little girls imagine that she is their big sister, or themselves later. And then it’s a French tradition: we watch this show because it makes us dream… or because we like to criticize it! ” Madeleine de Proust or guilty pleasure, it’s always the same story: bad jokes are overtaken by good feelings. We laugh a little then we get caught up in the game, we get quite serious about comparing smiles and making predictions. For an evening, the Misses lose their name in favor of that of their native land: we say « Aquitaine » and « Guadeloupe », « Lorraine », « Corsica » and « Pays de la Loire ». We remember, if we had forgotten it, that toponymy has a crazy charm. We find a little tenderness towards its geography. This time, in the high mass of the map of France, the Paris region is in the spotlight. Île-de-France had not won victory since 1997, the year of birth of this new Miss France who believes in her destiny and clings to it. She says she has found an outlet in sport to keep her nerves foolproof. A capacity for resistance that she will be able to use. If, in the midst of a pandemic, in 2020, Amandine Petit had received her crown in the calm of an almost empty room, Diane Leyre must already weather storms without blinking.

Diane Leyre symbolizes a generation that claims the right to try anything

At 24, she seems to be afraid of nothing, starting with giving voice. Four years of studies in Madrid in « business administration » taught him Spanish and English, independence and a sense of the formula. She assures us « to take the power of [sa] life « and asserts: » We can be Miss France and feminist.  » At a time when the association Dare feminism! accuses the election of non-compliance with labor law and discrimination, Diane Leyre strikes back. “Miss France evolves with the times. She has a lot of influence thanks to social networks. For young people who compare themselves and who are complex, I want to offer truth and authenticity. ” However, the competition is condemned for its strict and outdated criteria: having a minimum height of 1.70 meters, being single, neither married, nor divorced … It is also criticized for its sexism, the promotion of a degrading image of women and ‘inadequacy to the aspirations of the time. Around this competition, which crystallizes polemics and tensions, two visions of women and of France clash. For some, the rules are already obsolete. Others categorically refuse to allow them to become more inclusive. And the debate escalates.

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In a scathing press release, Geneviève de Fontenay protested against the possibility, mentioned by the Minister in charge of Equality between women and men, Élisabeth Moreno, of opening the competition to transgender candidates. In the process, the association Stop Homophobie announced to file a complaint against the former president of the committee Miss France for « transphobic insults and discrimination ». Having become the ambassador of this France which does not agree on the way in which it should be represented, Diane Leyre has set herself a mission, to say the least, ambitious: to promote « living together ». Faced with detractors, she replies that she intends to embody “the French woman of 2022: free, strong and committed. Ready to follow her dreams and determined, more than ever, to open all the doors open to her ”. Parisian, with parents who come from the Camargue and the North (“a mix”, she says), she can count on her heritage to rally the public to her cause. Her father, André, a real estate developer, like her, surely bequeathed her the desire to build and undertake. Her mother, Sabine, a former flight attendant for Air France, has a certain elegance.

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The winner, who competed with a firefighter and an apprentice airline pilot, symbolizes a new generation that claims the right to try anything. It was a fluke that decided her to compete when she hesitated: a « Miss France » lipstick which dated from the election of Sylvie Tellier and which she found in a drawer in her bathroom. baths. Each time she entered the stage, on Saturday 11 December, out of superstition, she put on a layer … But she denies being a frozen beauty. Miss France, who worked from the age of 15, in the markets, or as a babysitter or hostess, won a merit scholarship for her business studies and knows the price of success. Above all, she made her trials a reason to live. “I have lost loved ones who were my age, or even younger, in life accidents. I understood that everything can stop very quickly. Truly. All it takes is a snap of your fingers, too much rain when riding a scooter, one too many drinks and everything stops. It shaped my character. I don’t want to have any regrets. ” We dare to ask the most beautiful woman in France, this year, if she is a heart to take. Replica of a pro: « My heart belongs to all French people … but, indeed, I have a heart to take ».

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