La Zorra: “They tell me I’m too much. Yes and so? »

The Canadian arrives with a first disc that mixes variety and sharp punchlines. Meeting with a woman of character.

Let’s be honest: at first glance, she doesn’t seem very likable. And to read his murderous words about the male sex, there is something to be afraid of. But her broad smile and the Quebecois accent that punctuates her deep, slightly rocky voice are weapons of mass seduction. « I know I can be scary, » laughs Fatima-Zahra Hafdi, who calls herself La Zarra. But I think there is something warm in my voice that is reassuring. ” She has that refreshing frankness that’s increasingly rare among young artists. Neither stammer nor loudmouth. “I am told that I am too much. Yes and so? »

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Fatima is the third of seven children. Six girls for one boy – « It’s okay, he’s got over it! » In their house in Longueuil, north of Montreal, her mother does the housework by singing on Piaf while her older sisters monopolize the remote control to watch rap clips. Fatima, she prefers divas, and in front of her small screen tries to reproduce their performances. « My first real slap was a Mylène Farmer concert. » Celine Dion is his idol; Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Lara Fabian, her references. Each time one of their titles plays, she runs to her radio cassette player to record it. She is aware of the power of her voice but does not share it with anyone, not even her family, in whom the artistic fiber is however undeniable: one of the sisters paints, another is a stylist, the next cooks like a chef. starry… But La Zarra is too preoccupied with her physique to think about the song. “My forms have been a problem my whole life. I was so obsessed with my body that I was training all the time, doing squats and wondering why my ass kept getting bigger! I should have known that squats are made for this! ”


I am not against men. But I see them coming!


It was not until 2016 and a drunken evening for her to dare to give voice to producer Benny Adam, who, the next day, took her to the studio. But she admits it, her perfectionism and her need to control everything sometimes take a military turn, so no question for her to leave the reins to anyone. Not even to Adam. It does not matter that she does not master the technical terms, that she has never taken music theory lessons, on her record she wrote, sang and composed everything. “My name is next to each title. I wanted it. ”

This first album, « Traîtrise », is a UFO with very varied melodies (played by a real orchestra) and texts which sound like punchlines. A charming settling of scores with these gentlemen. « You shouldn’t disturb me… » she smiles. I am not against men. But I see them coming! And I never let myself be intimidated by a male figure, either in my life or in my job. Betrayed once by a man, she vowed never to lose control again. Like a comic book heroine, she has made her injury her superpower. And she doesn’t intend to stop there. “I would like to make short films to accompany my songs. And launch a brand of household linen. I love the sheets! And I can’t find what I want. ” At La Zarra, you are never better served than by yourself.

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