Obama salutes the memory of Desmond Tutu, a « friend, a mentor »

Barack Obama on Sunday greeted the memory of Desmond Tutu, a « friend » and a « mentor » who died at the age of 90.

Desmond Tutu « was a friend, a mentor and a moral beacon for me and for so many others », reacted Sunday the former US President Barack Obama after the death of the icon of the struggle against apartheid in Africa. South.

« Universal spirit, Archbishop Tutu found his roots in the struggle for freedom and justice in his own country, but was also concerned about injustice wherever it is », wrote Barack Obama, another Nobel Prize winner. of Peace, on Twitter.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who also received this high honor, and his wife Rosalynn have for their part declared in a statement to « join in the mourning of the whole world ». « His human warmth and compassion have delivered a spiritual message to us for eternity, » they added. The Anglican Archbishop died on Sunday at the age of 90.

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