Orange or SFR network: this 100 GB 4G mobile plan will cost you only € 8.99 / month

The price of non-binding mobile plans drops at Coriolis for Christmas and the end of the year celebrations. For new customers looking for a maxi data plan at a bargain price, the 100 GB plan is only € 8.99 / month with the operator. All you have to do is subscribe before January 5, 2022.

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Is your current mobile plan not as attractive as it used to be? Maybe it’s time to switch it up and switch to a better deal. In fact, Coriolis’ no-obligation plans are at the lowest prices right now. At less than 5 € / month, it is already possible to have an interesting subscription thanks to the Christmas promotion until Wednesday January 05, 2022. However, the most attractive offer remains the one with an internet envelope of 100 GB. It is comprehensive and inexpensive. If you subscribe before the date indicated above, the subscription will cost you only 8.99 € / month for one year. You’ll save a pretty good amount of money every month.

Why subscribe to the 100 GB Coriolis brio freedom package at € 8.99 / month?

With this promo, Coriolis specifically targets large data consumers on a tight budget. Normally, it will cost 19 € / month to hope to have an internet envelope of 100 GB with the operator. Here, the asking price is even below half of this price. Indeed, the discount amounts to 10 € / month. Although only valid for 12 months, this discount will save you € 20 during this promotional period. Imagine what you can do with this sum.

In addition, this Brio Liberté Coriolis package is non-binding. If you feel like or need to look elsewhere, you can cancel your subscription without having to justify your decision or pay additional cancellation fees.

In short, for all those looking for flexibility and freedom, this 100 GB package will give satisfaction. Also, the quality will be there. It should be remembered that Coriolis relies on the Orange and SFR networks for the marketing of its mobile offers for the general public and business. You will have the best network quality regardless of the city where you live in France.

Finally, in addition to its attractive price, this non-binding offer is also attractive for its ultra-comprehensive content. The subscription will allow you to benefit from:

  • 100 GB of mobile data in 4G / 4G + in mainland France
  • 11 GB of data usable in Europe and from the French overseas departments and territories / COM
  • Calls, SMS and MMS unlimited in France as from Europe and the DOM / COM

For any subscription to this offer, Coriolis also offers modem and double call options and provides ISO 9001 certified customer service that you can reach by phone or email.

The other mobile plan promotions available at Coriolis

Do you need more data? Or is a 100 GB web envelope too much for you? In either case, Coriolis has other promotional packages among which you will find what you are looking for. Also available until January 05, 2022, these promos include:

  • The brio freedom 2 GB package at € 4.99 / month for one year then € 9.99 / month
  • The 30 GB brio freedom package at € 6.99 / month for one year then € 14.99 / month
  • The 150 GB 5G brio freedom package at € 19.99 / month for one year then € 24.99 / month

What you must remember

  • – 100 GB Coriolis non-binding plan at € 8.99 / month for one year then € 18.99 / month
    – Promo valid until January 05, 2022

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