The brutal death of Elijah, beaten by his mother-in-law in the United States

A little boy has died in Indiana after being punched by his mother-in-law as his other relative looks on and does nothing.

The details of this case are heartbreaking. US police announced this week that a 9-year-old boy, Elijah, had been beaten to death by his mother-in-law, in front of his mother, who did nothing to rescue him. The two women have been charged. Stepmother Alesha Lynn Miller, 30, is charged with aggravated assault causing death and dependent negligence resulting in death, reports the Journal Gazette. The mother, wife of Alesha Miller, is for her part sued for negligence towards a dependent and for not having provided help or care to her son.

The little boy was reportedly beaten to death with a wooden paddle. The mother explained to police that she heard Elijah screaming for help, begging her mother-in-law to stop. Without however provoking reactions. The brothers of the victim for their part indicated that Alesha Miller was often « very violent » with the child, « throwing him to the ground » or « hitting him with a paddle ». One of the brothers told investigators he had a fight with Elijah the night he died and allegedly texted his parents – who were at a party – saying the 9-year-old was pretending to be throwing up . Alesha then allegedly asked the boy to « hit him » and sit him in a corner before returning herself to beat him to death. After Elijah passed out, Alesha allegedly sprayed him with water and shook him, but to no avail. The two women tried to put him in the shower, where he would have squeezed his mother’s arm once behind and said « Mom », before succumbing.

Jenna, the mother, then brought her son to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The brother explained that Jenna was planning to call the police but his wife allegedly asked him not to, telling him that they were both going to be arrested. Doctors observed numerous bruises around the boy’s body, including on his arms, face, back and buttocks, as well as bruises and abrasions on his shoulders. He also had a small cut on his penis. A kitty was opened online by the victim’s aunt to help pay for the little boy’s funeral. “Recently, I lost my nephew in a tragedy that should never have happened. We need all the help we can get to cover funeral expenses and to help with any other expenses during this difficult time. Elijah’s 2 brothers will receive all the funds not used for the funeral ”, we can read.

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