The French have done much less sport this year than in 2020

After a one-off increase in 2020, they return to the level before the health crisis, according to an Ipsos barometer published by the JDD. However, 61% of those polled say they now have a more sedentary lifestyle than before the pandemic.

Physical activity has been abandoned by the French this year. While they were 81% to declare practicing a sport in 2020, and this despite the confinement and health restrictions, they are only 66% in 2021, according to the annual Sport Health barometer of the French Federation of Physical Education and of voluntary gymnastics (FFEPGV) published by the JDD . The year 2020 is finally an exception, the current trend becoming equivalent to that of 2019, which was 64%.

Why such a sporting activity in 2020? « It was one of the few activities allowed outside», Explains to JDD Maryline Colombo, President of the FFEPGV. However, it should not be deduced from this that the French have returned to their habits before the Covid-19 crisis: 61% of people questioned by the Ipsos Institute say they now have a more sedentary lifestyle than before the pandemic. Numbers « alarming», According to Marilyne Colombo, 90% of respondents explaining to feel negative consequences on their physical well-being (61%) or psychological (58%), and especially on their social life (63%).

Yet only 33% took the number 1 correct resolution to exercise regularly in 2022, down 4 points from last year.

The only positive data from this survey: the French who already used to exercise regularly before the pandemic increased their weekly exercise time: 3.7 hours in 2021, against 2.9 in 2020. « They put the emphasis on outdoor activities: we will rather walk an hour and a half than spend three quarters of an hour indoors.», Analyzes Maryline Colombo for the JDD.

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