The last photos of the Webb space telescope and Ariane 5 before launch

After 30 years of development and construction, the largest and most sophisticated space telescope ever built, the Webb, the flagship of astronomy, will finally be able to leave Earth aboard an Ariane 5 launcher. Here are several iconic photos of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Within 24 hours of James Webb Space Telescope Launch Event (JWST for James Webb Space Telescope) here are some photos published by the Nasa and ESA, the European Space Agency.

We can admire the Ariane 5 launcher from Arianespace on its launch pad, ready or almost, for takeoff scheduled for this Saturday, December 25, at 1:20 p.m. (Paris time). One can imagine the tension that must reign at the moment at the European spaceport in French Guyana where the teams of the space agencies concerned are busy for the final preparations of this historic launch, and everything has to be checked. A truly historic moment, because the scientific community has been waiting for this for 10 years. And 30 years since the project to build a replacement for Hubble has been decided.

Now he’s all set. After several postponements, the launch is confirmed by NASA for this Christmas day 2021. This will make a very good gift of 10 billion dollars which will revolutionize astronomy for the next decade.

The last steps before the Ariane 5 flight

It was on December 17th that the largest space telescope ever built was encapsulated in the Ariane 5’s fairing. Last time it could be seen in its entirety on Earth.

On Thursday, December 23, the 53-meter-high launcher was moved from its assembly building to its launch pad. The final preparations are underway.

A few hours before the countdown, engineers and technicians are now filling the central floor withoxygen liquid andhydrogen liquid.

“Webb will switch to its internal battery approximately 20 minutes before takeoff and within 15 minutes before takeoff the space observatory and its launch vehicle will be fully flight ready. « 

Even if we will all be seated at this time for the Christmas meal, there is no doubt that many of us will be throwing a eye regular on the live, and also to hold our breath the preceding and following minutes the flight of Ariane 5 carrying towards space its (very) precious payload.

Collaborator at Futura for several years, Nathan Le Guenic will be on the war footing, from his living room, this December 25 from 12:30 p.m., to comment on this highly anticipated launch of the télescope spatial Webb. An event not to be missed!

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