The plane takes off too early, passengers now compensated

C‘is a situation that happens only very rarely … The European Court of Justice has confirmed that when a plane takes off with a certain advance, the flight could be considered canceled, thus opening the rights to compensation, relays Webrema , Sunday December 26. In Germany, several complaints have indeed been lodged by passengers against many airlines, such as Azurair or Austrian Airlines.

In order to find out whether the passengers could be compensated, the regional courts then seized the European Court of Justice. The latter ruled: when the flight is ahead « by more than an hour », this progress « must be considered important in that it can give rise to serious inconvenience for passengers, in the same way as a delay ”.

Up to 600 euros in compensation

« A flight must be considered » canceled « when the operating air carrier advances it by more than an hour », develops the European Court of Justice in its decision. And to continue: « In the event of reservation of a specific flight, a right to compensation may possibly be exercised against the operating air carrier even if the reservation has not been transmitted to the latter ».

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Thus, the air carrier « must always pay the total amount of compensation (therefore, depending on the distance, 250, 400 or 600 euros) », indicates the decision. To obtain this compensation, the passenger must simply be in the capacity to provide a confirmed reservation.

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